I am ‘Bomweb Dan’ and you could describe me as someone who is career oriented and very passionate about my job. I have a double major in the fields of Finance and Marketing from the University of Boston and currently hold the position of vice president in a reputable firm.

I started working for the company a very long time ago and at that time I was just an intern who didn’t know much about the business world and how it works. However, slowly and gradually my bosses taught me a lot and I think I owe much of my success to them. People who live in Michigan know that there is a lot of space for them to grow in their career if they are committed enough. This is the reason why I am where I am today.

Just a little about my job as a vice president is that I deal with a variety of things on a daily basis. Overall however, I am expected to lead the marketing strategies and communications, deal with sales processes such as price and channel management and handle sales operations as well. Other than all of that, I am also consulted for advertising and management campaigns as I have been known to be very apt in both of those fields.

Now you must be thinking that I am a workaholic and don’t have a personal life but that is not entirely true. The thing is that even though I am very zealous in the work that I do, I have other interests as well. One of the things that I have always loved is to learn language and this is why I currently know four languages other than English, which are Spanish, French, Arabic and Danish.
I have a large group of friends who I often invite over for dinner parties and these are the friends that keep me connected to the world socially.